About Me

I'm Matthew Kipp, I am an experienced full-stack software developer from McMaster University with seven years of experience using React, C# .NET, and SQL stack with agile project management using JIRA and YouTrack.

I am always interested in expanding my knowledge of technologies in this rapidly changing industry. Check out my projects, I'm eager to continue in my career as a developer!

Why make this website?

I've always been interested in playing with different web technologies to create cool things on the internet. As such, I have made my personal sites using PHP, Ruby on Rails, and now... NextJs. I see this as an opportunity to play with new designs, learn new things, and showcase what I have discovered!

What else?

I have always enjoyed creating cool things through woodworking, welding, gardening, software, and hardware. I am always on the lookout for new in-home projects.

When I'm not creating I love bouldering, photography, long hikes, and camping. I have been enjoying nature in every way I can since I was child. I grew up on a back-country road and find embracing nature helps me focus my mind.

Get in touch 👋

Feel free to email me about anything. Do you have some feedback or suggestions?